MissArt is a production company founded in 2003 and since then it aims to produce original cinema that reaches audience everywhere. We pay specific attention to new and emerging authors with distinctive handwriting and try to tailor the production in order to serve and support their vision.

Our goal is to connect with fellow filmmakers around the world and establish a wide network of collaborators so that we can mutually help each other create engaging and thought-provoking cinema.







Director: Eduard Galić


Feature film – Production – 2020


The “Sixth Bus” is a film about a young woman trying to find out where, how and why a man form her past died during a war that stunned Europe and the world. It is about a search for identity; simmering
beneath this need is a quest for faith, connection, and redemption.

The “Sixth Bus” is a search for truth in a place where truth is selective, elusive and even feared. Ultimately the “Sixth Bus” is a film about awakening and freedom.

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